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Schulamt für den Landkreis TÖL


Registration for intermittent classes (secondary level 1 = class 5 - 9) is for Ukrainian school-aged children and young people in the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen mandatory.


If you have your permanent residence in Bavaria (registered residence in a municipality) and are between 6 and 15 years old, you have to go to school.
(Legal obligation: Art. 35 BayEUG)


If the student has completed 9.5 (nine and a half) or 10 school years in the Ukraine, compulsory (mandatory) schooling is fulfilled.


If the student has not completed 10 years of schooling, attendance at a vocational school is compulsory / mandatory. The local middle school / responsible school district  will inform you about this.


In order to fulfill compulsory schooling, 6 - 9 year olds are registered at the local / responsible elementary school (the school at the place of residence) for schooling in a regular class.


Children and young people between the ages of 10 and 15 must attend an intermittent class. The intermittent classes are independent of the type of school. Allocation to an intermittent class is carried out by the state school authority. Registration via this contact form is mandatory for this purpose.


Registration directly at the local school is only possible if the child has appropriate knowledge of German (assessment is made by the local / receiving school) and attendance in a regular class is therefore promising.


Please complete a separate information sheet for each child.

Please fill out the information sheet in Latin script.

Details of legal guardians